How Long Do Vape Batteries Last?

vaping battery

No vape battery is going to last forever. In other words, no matter what you buy, you're going to need to replace it eventually! However, there are high-quality vape batteries out there which definitely provide longer performance than the cheaper versions.

With this in mind, it may be well worth spending a bit more in order to access long-lasting performance! We believe that shopping for vape batteries online is the best way to find the styles which do provide the most effective and long-lasting performance.

When you shop online, you'll be primed to read customer reviews. This type of online feedback is very valuable. It's the key to finding styles that really deliver for people who use them. When you're shopping around, be sure to look for customer reviews of vape batteries that you are interested in! This will be the key to unlocking superb quality. You don't need to settle for less! We recommend only buying vape batteries which get tons of great reviews. If you need to pay a little more in order to access this type of quality, it will be well worth it.

Also, consider rechargeable vape batteries. They won't last forever, either, but they will last a lot longer. You'll need a proper battery charger in order to keep them powered up. You'll find that plenty of great manufacturers offer vape battery chargers for different sizes of batteries, such as 18650 and 25560 sizes. Nitecore is just one example.

Nitecore makes chargers with multiple ports and the chargers do get great reviews. If you're looking for rechargeable convenience from a vape battery, you may wish to order the battery and a charger at the same time. We're not promoting Nitecore or any other company, so shop around and see which styles of batteries and chargers get the best consumer ratings.

Shop for Vape Batteries Today

When you shop for vape batteries today, look for good price, manufacturers with great reputations, the right size (check the Owner's Manual for your vaporizer in order to find out which size is appropriate) and strong customer reviews. After you decide on a make and model, price it all over the Web. You'll find that comparison-shopping in this manner is an excellent way to save money on the cost of a replacement vape battery.

How long new vape batteries will last before they have to be replaced will vary. Customer reviews and product details will help you to find a long-lasting vape battery. So, why not shop for one today?

Facts About PG vs VG Ratios for E-juices


There are three common ratios for PG and VG in e-juices. These are 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and it is what supplies the fulfilling "throat hit" in e-juices. VG is vegetable glycerin and it is more viscous than PG. It's used in order to thicken water vapor.

There are one hundred percent VG formulas, as more and more consumers are asking for them, because VG is a natural ingredient which is made from vegetable oil. However, most people prefer a little or a lot of PG in their ratios for e-juices. These consumers want throat hit and PG provides it.

Those who want ultimate throat hit may consider trying one hundred percent PG formulas. Naturally, the higher the ratio of PG in an e-liquid blend, the more prominent the throat hit of that e-juice is likely to be.

As you can see, there are tons of choices. While most people buy based on their personal preferences, and a lot of others don't really consider PG vs VG ratios when they are shopping for e-liquids online, some e-cig manufacturers do recommend particular ratios. To see if your e-cig works best with a certain ratio, check out the Owner's Manual.

It makes sense that blends of PG and VG are used in so many e-juices, as the combination of both of them ensures great throat hit and thick, rich water vapor production. If you're new to vaping, going for a fifty-fifty ratio will be smart. You'll see what perfect balance between PG and VG produces. If you want to experiment later on, change the ratio the next time that you're shopping for e-liquids via the Web.

PG Formulas Last Longer

Formulas which are made from PG only will usually have a longer shelf life, as PG is a moisturizing ingredient. Its storage time is longer and this may be a good thing for you. VG e-juices have a better resistance to high temperatures than those which are made from PG.

When you utilize a VG-based fluid, you'll need higher power. High power isn't recommended for VG-based formulas, as it often causes a burnt taste which is unappealing.

Shop for the Right Ratio Today

Now that you know some important facts about PG and VG, why not shop for your preferred formula today? Tons of reputable online retailers offer a host of different ratios from the world's best e-juice manufacturers.

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